No. 1017
October 9, 2019

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It won't be long now.

I'd like to add the Ford Bronco to that list. Hopefully it won't have to go to Flat Rock first.

Dearborn Heights, Michigan


From the "Preaching To The Choir" File.

ANY racing fan that doesn't watch MotoGP (or World Superbike or its' MotoAmerica domestic twin) is missing out.

They're not trying to introduce hybrids, they're loud and waaaayyyyyy fast, and the skill of the riders is breathtaking to watch. In some cases they are lapping the same courses F1 runs at close to the same times and speeds. Watch the Ducatis and the Honda RCV's bust 200 mph by the end of Monza's front stretch !

The dance of rider on the machine is a ballet as they shift their weight from side to side in the esses, drag a knee and even an elbow at crazy lean angles on long sweepers, and electronic packages that manage to make 250+ horsepower rideable yet still leave room for the rider's skill to make the difference.

At this time I can't think of any more compelling or exciting racing to watch.

J. Wilson
Nashville, Tennessee


Waiting for Godot.

If you go to the Ford Bronco page: and scroll down it states “Coming in 2020” Continue scrolling to the bottom of the page and it states “Copyright 2018” and has been teased as a concept since 2004… I'm about to give up and just go buy a Ranger FX4 and wash my hands of it.

South Bend, Indiana

Sound signatures.

This HERF requirement for the creation of unique sound signatures makes me chuckle and flash back to my childhood, when we clothesline pinned playing cards to our Stingray bicycle fender braces. The strikes of the passing spokes would make them sound like motorcycles…at least in our imaginations…

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Editor-in-Chief's Note: Yes, we did that too. But the best was when we put balloons in the spokes, it sounded awesome until the balloons burst about 30 seconds later! -PMD

Still waiting, still dreaming. 

I am still waiting for the Pontiac Vibe's performance parts to show up at the dealerships, as promised way back in the early 2000's. Talk about “It won't be long now!”

Atlanta, Georgia


A swing and a miss? 

Your being entirely too kind to VW. Because the ID. Buzz is merely the latest “it won't be long now” return of the iconic microbus. There were about 4 prior microbus concepts according to a quick Google search, because apparently I got the names wrong. Not to mention VW basically vote “present” during the 80's-90's minivan wars doling out an underpowered, ludicrously overpriced Eurovan, before finally throwing in the towel and farming it out to Chrysler. (Hah, “if you can find a better minivan? Buy it!” Thanks Lido.) I'm not a boomer, so there's no hippy nostalgia for me but I did have a friend's mom that had one. It definitely stood out. But as the Baby Boomers become empty-nesters, I have to wonder, did VW swing and miss their entire target demographic?

Too little, too late, who cares?

Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania

Say it ain't so, Colorado.

WTH is with Chevy styling? That Colorado is one ugly piece. Looks like the Predator. I work in the automotive supply chain. The auto companies require suppliers be ISO or TS certified. One of the ISO requirements is maintaining “Organizational Knowledge”. You know, learning from past mistakes. Too bad they don't do that themselves.

Kevin Kovach 
Allen Park, Michigan


The Right Decision.

Add me to the list of would-be Bronco owners that gave up waiting. I needed to dump my lemony-scented Jeep Wrangler sooner than later and really wanted the replacement to be a Bronco, but decided to go with a regular cab, short bed, V8, 4×4 F-150 instead. At least they can't screw those up, and they seem to be an endangered species in these days of Too Much Truck.

Dave Voth
Kasota, Minnesota


Long time coming.

Don't forget about the upcoming retro inspired “Jeep Grand Wagoneer”. That's been kicked around at FCA for about 6 years now. Would it be a hit? Hard to say, but I'ld sure like to see it done anyway. That was the vehicle of choice for the well heeled doctor and lawyer type outdoors men. But those days are long gone. Hunting and fishing is on the decline as those activities actually take time, effort, skill and patience. Much easier to zone-out in front of a TV, video game or Smart phone and order take out through Grub Hub. So that concept probably wouldn't resonate with a broad demographic. At best maybe a high-end niche vehicle for male Baby Boomers.

Frank S.
Rochester, Michigan


It Won't Be Long Now, No. 237.

I read this week's Rant with interest and a bit of schadenfreude for a different reason as it reminded me of when Jac ("the Knife") Nassar ran Ford. That was when he decided that his engineers needed to be all chiefs. The Ford Focus went from being the most successful launches for Ford of Europe to nearly setting a record for the number of first-year recalls domestically. It is really disheartening to see after Hackett's decision to “hack” his engineering staff to repeat history. (One would wonder how GM's staff reduction is going to impact their next product launches as they unloaded their European operations on PSA as they no longer have it as a safety net.)

Detroit, Michigan


The horror.

I hope all those virtuous forward thinking techies in the regions around San Francisco and Northern California have a backup ICE transportation device hidden away somewhere. Oh the horror, the horror.

D. Gerard 
Berwick, Maine


One of these weeks, I'm guessing that: 

"You, who are on the road, 
Must have a code that you can live by, 
And so become yourself, 
Because the past is just a good-bye." 

... will be an appropriate lyric. 

Buffalo, New York